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Posted: Sep 24 2020 News

Laurel Green offers some amazing houses for sale in southeast Edmonton. Laned homes are available in southeast Edmonton in Laurel Green. You may be asking, what is a laned home? Read our guide to laned homes and home styles available in Laurel Green!

Laned Homes

Laned homes are single family homes that have parking in the back part of the lot via an alleyway and a detached garage. Laned homes have a classic look that is perceived as more inviting, usually with a porch and path leading to the front door.

Laurel Green offers laned homes in Terrace Park, with an interesting twist! The laned homes in Terrace Park in Laurel Green all have the potential to have lovely porches and the classic, picturesque look that is associated with laned homes, but the one difference is rather than a front yard, the laned homes in Terrace park face each other with a shared greenspace in the middle, offering a quieter living space and a larger sense of community!

Laned homes don’t all look the same, though, and you can build a laned home in many different styles. The most common styles of laned homes found in Laurel Green are prairie style, craftsman style, and modern style!

Prairie Style

Prairie Style homes are characterized by flatter, lower lying roofs and rows of tall, thin ribbon windows. Prairie homes have more of an emphasis on horizontal lines than they do vertical lines. This means they feature shallow roofs and rows of windows, and their eavestroughs are overhanging and deeper. Prairie style homes have an aesthetic that seeks to appear spread out and use as much functional space as possible.

Craftsman Style

Craftsman Style homes tend to have triangular rooflines, covered front porches, pillars lining the entryway, and deep overhanging roof eaves. Craftsman Style homes are predominantly characterized by the large triangle roofline that makes for a home style that is very familiar. Because Craftsman homes have covered porches, they have outdoor usable space that can be a great asset.

Modern Style

Modern Style homes often have a flat or broad lined roof that are visually interesting and asymmetrical. Modern Style homes typically have an emphasis on rectangles, clean lines, and large windows. Modern style homes often have open floor plans that seek to create smart, usable space. 

There are so many amazing homes you can build in Terrace Park in Laurel Green! Laned homes offer plenty of fantastic perks such as gorgeous curb appeal, emphasis on a front porch entryway, less noise pollution, and affordable prices! Laurel Green is a fantastic southeast Edmonton community to build a home in, visit a show home today!

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