5 Spooktacular Halloween Decorating Ideas

Posted: Oct 16 2019 News

Are you ready to turn your home into a haunted house? We've detailed 5 creative Halloween decoration ideas that are easy to do and will make all the ghosts & ghouls jealous! 
To get started, look around your home to see all of the little spots and areas that could use a haunting touch—entryway, nooks, and bookshelves are good places to look. Now let’s get to it!
1. Enter If You Dare
If you’re planning to hand out candy on the big night, then decking out your entryway should be your number one priority. You can set the mood with some bare branches, which have the perfect haunted-forest feel. You can find these laying around just about anywhere around the community or if you prefer, you can pick some synthetic ones up at your local retail or crafts store. Add some ornaments and some classic cobwebs to complete the look. 
2. Pumpkin Patch at Home
Have a little nook or some extra space? Why not add your own pumpkin patch! An unused fireplace, bonus rooms and even a little corner of a room are perfect to showcase a mini pumpkin patch.
Don’t have the space for a pumpkin patch? Line some pumpkins along the window sill or bunch together some on your coffee table. It’s simple, original, and a seasonal showstopper.
3. Magic Mantel
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a Halloween mantel. Look around your house for any vintage items such as old books, accessories, and toys to complete the look. Then, add a bit of Halloween flare like bats , skeletons or spiders to complete the look. 
4. Wicked Wall
Still looking for the perfect piece to put up in your living room wall? Why not try a Halloween themed gallery. You don’t have to buy any expensive art or accessories—you can make most of it yourself or buy them from your local dollar store. Cover your wall with an army of bats or spiders, add a giant spider web and add some Halloween typography to finish the look!
5. Shelves That Give You Shivers
Add some spooky objects to your shelves for a quick Halloween-themed makeover. You can get creative by adding pumpkins, fake spiders, owls – whatever you feel like that adds to the Halloween spirit!
Happy Halloween!

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