10 Bonus Room Ideas For Your Home’s Flex Space

Posted: Jan 22 2019 News

You’ve probably noticed a lot of modern floor plans include a few extra rooms, as seen in our Terrace Park show homes. These rooms are usually called bonus, dens or flex rooms and you might see them staged in a show home as a bedroom or home office. 
Before you decide what you want to use your flex room for, think about the space itself and what you would like to use it for. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s a list of ideas that you can use to turn that extra space into a world of your own. The possibilities are endless!
1. Nursery Room
Tuck your little one into a cozy flex room nursery. Flex rooms are perfect for nurseries, as they can easily transition to a toddler’s room in the future. With a crib, a comfy chair, and some shelf space for those newborn accessories, you can truly maximize the available space for your family! 
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2. Home Office
We all know the best part of work is coming back home at the end of the day. So why not have the best of both worlds?! Whether you work from home or have carved out a space for a little quiet time like crafting, reading, or writing, your home office is a place that should inspire the flow of creativity and allow you to get down to business!
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3. Guest Bedroom 
If you expect to host friends and family on a regular basis, consider turning that extra space into a guest room. Bonus rooms can easily be turned into a bedroom for short-term guests or for a relative planning a long-term stay. Big fan of Airbnb? You can always rent out your bonus bedroom and make some extra income on the side.
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4. Children’s Play Room
Tired of stepping on toys in the living room? Give your children their own getaway with a designated play room! What kid wouldn’t love their own imaginative play-pen?! For added comfort, add furniture like small tables, storage bins, bookshelves and big comfy cushions. 
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5. Hobby Room
Wishing you had a designated area for your hobbies? With a dedicated hobby room, you can build an area that’s just for painting, writing, yoga, knitting, and more! 
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6. Entertainment Room
An extra room is a great place to set up your own media room, whether it be a home theatre or gaming den. Add bookshelves along walls or cabinets to store Blu-Rays and video games. If you’re room is big enough, consider setting up a projector to create a true big-screen home theater feel. And don’t forget about comfy furniture! What makes a media room great is the comfortable seating that will make movie nights even better.
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7. Music Room
If you’re a music lover, turning that extra living space into a music room is a must! No matter if you play piano, drums, guitar, or just love listening to music on your Bluetooth speaker, a music room perfect for music aficionado’s.
8. Home Gym
Yes we get it! There are days when you’re too lazy to head to the Meadows Recreation Centre. But with a few weights, yoga mat, and cardio equipment, you can create the perfect home gym with no membership needed! Remember to put up some mirrors on the walls and add a Bluetooth speaker for some great music. 
9. Home Library
Book lover? How does keeping all of your literary favorites in one spot sound? Having a dedicated room for your book collection is a must for all book-worms. Set up shelving and book cases all around the room, place in some comfortable furniture, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to be lost in a world of words! 
10. Ultimate Walk In Closet
Running out of space for your clothes and accessories? How about utilizing that extra living space and creating your very own dream walk-in closet! Install small hooks to hang your hats, scarves, and accessories. Add a few floating shelves or cabinets to store purses and shoes. Place a drawer or two to hold your additional clothing pieces!
The best thing about flex and bonus rooms is that you can customize them fit your needs and allows you to change it up when you want.

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