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Posted: Nov 08 2018 News

Buying a home comes with a lot of decision making – a whole lot of them. Everything from the type of home, the size of the home and interior finishes (to name a few) can make these decisions overwhelming, especially for a first time homebuyer. But just as important is the decision making process that takes into account which community is right for you. 
Whether you’re single, a couple, a young professional, or a family of four, your lifestyle will largely determine where and how you want to live
If you’re a young professional who loves the city life and spends a lot of time engaged in festivals and activities, you may want to be located closer to the core (or at least have accessible transit available). 

If you’re a family looking to upgrade to your first home, you’ll likely want to check out the new innovative neighbourhood of Terrace Park, which is close to greenspaces and highways (so you can get around the city without all the traffic hassles). A family with children? You’ll most likely want a growing community with access to a wide array of amenities that include shopping, entertainment, schools and transit. 
What should be considered when finding your ideal community? 
To help you find the perfect community for you and your family, here are some things to consider when choosing a community that you’ll call home for the years to come.
Make A List

Ask yourself this important question: What’s the most important thing to you in a community?
Start by making a list and reorganize it from first to last. Figure out what you’re looking for, do extensive research and find a community that fits your list. Here are some categories you can add to your list:
Available amenities
Nearby schools
Parks and recreation
Crime statistics
Types of housing
Accessibility for commutes
Mature or new development 
Whether you work in Downtown, the West End or close to home, chances are you’ll have a commute. Considering how much time you’ll be on the road or travelling to your work place is an integral part of choosing a community. The last thing you want is to purchase a home and spend hours commuting to and from work because of traffic congestion.

Think about how long it takes for you to get to work now, and how long you’re willing to spend in your car each day (maybe you enjoy being on the road or maybe driving is your “me time”) – this will help narrow down an ideal location for your home.
Looking for a community with easy access to get around the city? Terrace Park is just three minutes away from Anthony Henday Drive – a quick access to going anywhere in the city. 
If you’ve got children (or are expecting one in the future), finding a community in close proximity with a school (or various schools) is very much a top priority. Think about the type of school you want your kids in and how they’ll get to school. Will they be walking to school? Are you going to be driving them on your way to work? Will your kids be participating in any after school programs?

Regardless of the reason, remember to keep in mind first and foremost the school’s course offerings and programming, reputation and evaluate both your child’s needs and the needs of your family.
What do you and your family do for fun? Do you love taking walks? Playing sports at the rec centre? Foodies? Shopping addicts? Whatever it is, being close to a variety of amenities can be quite convenient when everything is just a few minutes away.

Make a list of what you and your family enjoy doing (not things that you want to do) and consider everyone’s preferences and needs. This will help assess and determine what amenities your family will actually use. If you’re family enjoys taking walks or being active, then having walking trails or a community recreation centre makes more sense than being surrounded by a bunch of restaurants.

For some families, a recreation centre nearby is an absolute must while others need a library.

Luckily, the Meadows Recreation Centre is just a 10 minute walk and a five minute drive away from Terrace Park – Southeast Edmonton’s newest and most innovative neighbourhood. 

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