All Hands On Deck! Styling Your Deck For The Summer

Posted: Jul 27 2018 News

Whether you want to fire up the barbeque with friends or relax with your favourite book, you’ll need a comfortable spot to enjoy the sun. Here are some tips to help you create your personal summer oasis!

Pick the right outdoor furniture

Think about the practical uses you want out of your deck, whatever style you are going with. Make sure you select the right amount of furniture for your deck's space and usage, as well as vary the type of furniture for your needs. Coffee table? Love seats? Ask yourself what you want to use the deck for, and get everything you will need to do so.

In terms of furniture quality, you can't go wrong with resin wicker material. It's highly durable, lightweight, requires low maintenance and is suitable for all types of weather if you plan on leaving your furniture outdoors all year round.

Make it comfy

Outdoor furniture should look - and feel - comfortable. Be sure to soften seating areas with plenty of pillows, mixing in bright and vibrant hues to make the colour of your deck pop. Just be sure to stick with a colour scheme which complements your home's exterior.

If you'd like your deck to be more personal, consider setting up a wooden lattice or wicker partitions around your deck. Not only will these create a sense of privacy, but they can also help block out the scorching sun on days where you're too lazy to get the sunscreen from inside the house.

Lighten up won't you?

Spending time relaxing on the deck is one of the best feelings on hot summer nights, but only when you have adequate lighting around you. When night falls, you'll need some lights to help keep the good vibes going. Install multi-colour LED lights around your deck and stairs so you can choose your light according to your mood, occasion, or season. Not only will these help aesthetically, but they will be easier to move around the deck at night. Especially if you have a long set of stairs to climb!

As a cheaper alternative, you can always hang your Christmas lights around the deck to create an ambient and cozy atmosphere.


Outdoor rugs

Take the indoors outside by accessorizing with a rug. There are all-weather rugs out there that lend a hand to the cozy department, especially when you choose to go barefoot. It can really make your deck feel a lot more homey.

Floral planters and baskets

Showcase your green thumb and place a few floral planters around your deck for some character and colour. If there’s an overhead structure or railing on your deck, try adding some hanging flower baskets or trailing vines.


Doing some yoga on your deck? For an extra dose of tranquility consider adding a fountain. Look specifically for a fountain powered by a recirculating electric pump so that you don't have to worry about any additional plumbing. 

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