How To Make Incredible Christmas Pudding

Posted: Dec 18 2017 News

With sugar and spice and all things nice, Christmas pudding is the ideal dessert after Christmas dinner. Christmas pudding, also known as “plum pudding” because of the abundance of prunes in the recipe originated in England. It was traditionally made five weeks before Christmas, on or after the Sunday before Advent. The day was often called ‘stir-up Sunday’ and each family member or child in the household gave the pudding a stir and made a wish.

This holiday season, make your own Christmas pudding at home with this easy, step-by-step recipe. There are different ways Christmas pudding is served. Some decorate it with a sprig of holly, douse it in brandy or set it on fire.You can also serve it with homemade brandy butter, cream or custard.


100g Sultanas
50g Dried cranberries
75g Chopped figs
75g Chopped dates
75g Halved glace cherries
30g Chopped crystallized ginger
120ml Dark Rum
75g Walnuts, roughly chopped
100g Fresh white breadcrumbs
1 Heaped tbsp mixed spice
200g Molasses sugar
2 tbsp black treacle
50g Self raising flour
100g Shredded Suet
1 Lemon’s zest
1 orange’s zest
1 Bramley apple cored and grated
2 large eggs

* Soak rum and fruit overnight.
* Mix everything together and pour into 1.2L basin.
* Steam for 5 hours in a water basin over the stove with a closed lid.

Dream Development, on behalf of all our team members and participating show homes builders, would like to take this moment to wish you and your family the very best of the holiday season and hope you enjoy a happy & prosperous 2018.

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