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Posted: Aug 15 2016 News

Parents have always shared a universal unwritten rule , “go out and play”. Few would disagree that things have changed drastically. Children today spend significantly less time outdoors than children did, say 30 years ago. Rough-and-tumble play reserved for outdoors has given way to sedentary activities on video games or computers.

To be healthy, kids need to play actively outdoors. Kids Between the age of 6 - 17 years should at least play for 60 mins of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity every day, including: playing tag, walking to school, soccer, baseball, gymnastics, skating and cycling. The activities that strengthen muscle and bone at least 3 days a week like jumping rope and running, or sports like tennis and basketball. Set limits on how much time your children and teens spend watching TV, playing video games, and surfing the Internet—no more than one to two hours a day. The Canadian Pediatric Society discourages screen-based activities (TV, video games, hand-held devices, etc) for children under 2.

Well-designed, safe, natural and innovative play spaces give kids a chance to have fun and be active as they grow. Playing outside is not just about letting off steam, it is a vital part of life that helps children develop physical strength, coordination and balance.

Laurel Green community is rich in green space and wholesome family fun. The community has six acre of storm lake with green space and a central neighbourhood park that is integrated with walking trail. You can now stroll, walk, jog or cycle along these paths past sparkling waters, a central park and playground and beautiful picnic area. These beautiful parks and playgrounds are an important community gathering place and a source of recreation for the whole family. Well-designed and safe outdoor play area makes an important contribution towards creating healthy, active communities. Another reason to stay fit throughout the year, is the fact that Meadows Recreation Center is just five minutes away from the community.

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